Fibromyalgia- When the whole body hurts: Here’s the Way Out – CBD oil for Fibromyalgia


CBD oil for Fibromyalgia

Does your whole body experience severe pain every day?
After a tiresome day, instead of feeling the urge for sleep, it feels like killing. However, what’s the reason behind? Don’t avoid it-it might be a symptom of Fibromyalgia that can make your life a nightmare. If you’re looking for an alternative to Opioids medication, you probably ask yourself, Does cbd oil work for fibromyalgia pain?

Here we’ll show how Fibromyalgia can be treated naturally with the help of cbd oil for fibromyalgia pain

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome, characterized by chronic musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and mood disturbances.

This definition is from the National Center for Biotechnology Information

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That is why it is also called widespread pain. Another characteristic feature of the disease is the occurrence of painful points – “tender points.” Patients with fibromyalgia are susceptible to touch, and even a little pressure on the specific points triggers pain. Another element of the fibromyalgia is psychiatric disorders – anxiety and depressive syndromes, as well as chronic fatigue and sleep disorders.

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Often, in patients with Fibromyalgia, several “functional” symptoms can be interpreted as a type of somatoform disorder. Fibromyalgia syndrome is quite common and can affect most of the population. People, usually young and middle-aged and women are more likely to suffer from this irritating disease.

The diagnosis is based on a thorough diagnosis of the ‘tender points’ in patients. So, it is, in a sense, a purely “technical” procedure. The classification criteria were proposed in 1990 by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) in determining the diagnosis.

How to identify Fibromyalgia ?

The newer standards proposed by ACR and the European League of Anti-Rheumatism (EULAR) in 2010 are of a questionnaire nature. However, it doesn’t include the “pain points.” They are based on the statement “generalized pain” in patients and the severity of “Functional” somatic symptoms. The newer criteria did not replace the older ones; both proposals are complementary and can be used together or separately in recognizing the disease.

what is the best treatment for fibromyalgia? Treatment options are focused on pain management. Cannabidiol is a new solution for people living with fibromyalgia. CBD oil is used to treat chronic pain symptoms and inflammation.

How can CBD Oil Help people with Fibromyalgia?

CBD oil for Fibromyalgia is an effective natural remedy. Cannabidiol effects can really improve health. It can reduce any pain, stress, depression, sleep disorders and irritable bowel movements. CBD is a great alternative to opioid because it is not addictive. To understand better about this, let’s check out what is CBD.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is the abbreviated name for cannabidiol, which is one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis. Cannabinoids are organic chemical compounds that act on the cannabinoid receptors of the human body.

Cannabinoids can be divided into Phytocannabinoids (Cannabinoids of plant origin, eg, THC, CBD) and endocannabinoids (that are found in the human body itself).
Cannabidiol, unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), has no psychoactive properties. CBD does not affect the change of consciousness, and is not addictive. Many people use CBD oil for Fibromyalgia because of that. It’s simply a vegetable fat that is obtained from inflorescences of particular varieties of hemp sowing.

What are the Benefits of CBD oil?

Here a list of Cannabidiol (CBD) benefits

Neuroactive and Neuroprotective 

Fights neurodegenerative and mental disorders, regenerates nerve cells in the body, stimulates the nervous system, counteracts and prevents Neurodegeneration, has a relaxing and anti-spastic effect.


Attacks and destroys cancer cells inhibits the multiplication of cancer cells leads to apoptosis or self-killing of cancer cells


Reduces oxidative stress, slows down and prevents the ageing of cells and tissues, supports the body’s natural defences, protects against free radicals.


Inhibits the inflammatory process, fights and prevents inflammation.

Pain Relief

You can read more about how CBD oil for pain help people

CBD can relieves pain, soothes and eliminates pain in the whole body, used both internally and externally.

We recommend cannabidiol (CBD) full spectrum oil products like this one. Best suited for alleviating stronger ailments, pain or stress.



Fights psychosis and fears, calms, relaxes and solves sleeping disorder.


Reduces nausea and vomiting, stimulates thirst and appetite and affects the proper metabolism of the body.


It has potent anti- bactericidal properties, kills bacteria and prevents their reproduction, slows their growth.


Prevents the development of fungal diseases, kills mould and fungi.


Soothes and eliminates allergy symptoms.


Stimulates the natural immunity of the body, encourages the state of homeostasis.


Accelerates wound healing, fights skin diseases, rejuvenates the skin

There are still many misconceptions about Fibromyalgia. Some think it’s not curable. Yes, the causes of fibromyalgia are indeed unknown. Some even believe that it is only a product of the “mind,” that is, the result of poor interpretation of stimuli by our brain, which perceives them as pain. 

Others blame bacteria, viruses or other micro-organisms for its symptoms, or excessive immune response that goes against us. According to another theory, it is the result of sleep disorders, complications of long-term, extreme stress, and depression. However, the serotonin hypothesis is the most accepted. Diseases in the metabolism of this messenger may be the result of genes or complicated changes in the hormonal system, primarily involving the production of adrenal cortisol.

However, there’s nothing to be worried since these can be treated in a relaxed, natural way with the best CBD oil for Fibromyalgia.

medical marijuana for sciatica

Dr. Abrams, a practicing oncologist who is researching the use of alternative medicine in San Francisco, says, “Marijuana has been present in medicine for 5,000 years – it is much longer than it looks”. In the journal Marijuana and medicine (“Marijuana and medicine”), it is stated like- “Cannabinoids give positive effects in the treatment of pain.”  

Robert L DuPont, a psychiatrist at the Medical University of Georgetown, says, “If there is any combination of chemical compounds in roasted marijuana, which may have value in treating any disease – including fibromyalgia, I am absolutely in favour – but in a purified form, prescribed in controlled doses.”

CBD oil and Fibromyalgia

CBD oil for Fibromyalgia also helps in irritable bowel syndrome and migraines. This effects directly on cannabinoid receptors present in our body, imitating the effects of substances found in marijuana, including THC. Cannabinoids are involved in the processing of body pain perceived at the highest level – in the brain. 

The effect of their actions is to reduce the feeling. However, anesthesia does not occur in the area where the pain arises, but on the “central” level. 

In 2008, an experiment was carried out in which a synthetic cannabinoid, Nabilon, mimicking the effects of THC, acted positively on the two most prominent symptoms of fibromyalgia – pain, and anxiety.  

Two years later, Nabilon was proved effective in treating sleep disorders as well. Its effect exceeded the effectiveness of Amitriptyline (one of the popular over the counter antidepressants).

Similar effects are described by patients with fibromyalgia who themselves reach for marijuana, both smoked and in oral form.  The 28-person group, accepted to tolerate the fight against pain, also declared a reduction in muscle stiffness and experienced an improved mood. It is worth recalling here that the vast majority of patients with fibromyalgia suffer from anxiety disorders, depression and a sense of excessive tension – up to 70%.

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I hope this post helps! Now go pain-free and energetic by treating Fibromyalgia with the help of cannabidiol products. Most people that are using CBD oil for fibromyalgia pain are able to see the difference immediately.

Did you or someone you know live with chronic pain ? Are you considering using CBD ?


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