Guide To CBD Oil (2019)


Guide To CBD Oil (2019) ,Things you need to know before using CBD

Today, CBD oil is a dietary supplement whose many properties make it a success more and more spectacular.

What does CBD stands for?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a Phytocannabinoid, one of the 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plant. It is a chemical compound that acts on cannabinoid receptors, The endocannabinoid system (ECS). It plays important roles in central nervous system (CNS)

What is Phytocannabinoid hemp oil

Phytocannabinoid means the oil is made from naturally occurring hemp plant (some companies sell artificially lab made cannabinoid oils).

Unlike the THC, cannabidiol is not psychoactive . You can use CBD no side effects, which explains the interest of scientific research on it.

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Using CBD oil for the first time

Some questions that you might have before using CBD oil. The article will give you an overview of this popular product.

  • What are the various fields of application of CBD?
  • How to choose your product to benefit optimally from its different properties?
  • How to dose the CBD oil in the absence of medical notice?
  • In what form does benefits of CBD oil appear?
  • Finally, how to use this product according to need or context?

Read this article to learn how CBD oil can help you.

Learn more about CBD oil for pain relief

How To Choose The Best CBD Oil?

To choose the best CBD oil, one must first consider several important criteria: the origin, the brand of the product, the cultivation and production procedures. Also, buy your CBD oil from a reliable brand and focus on its quality rather than its price, even very low, which is very far from representing a guarantee of quality, quite the contrary!

CBD And THC Levels Of CBD Oil

Use an oil with the highest CBD content, which will allow you to make more economical use of the product, the concentration of which can be improved by adding CBD crystals to the oil.

Be vigilant about fake and scams that are very widespread in the market of food supplements and make sure that the rate announced on the bottle of the product is real by relying on its price. Indeed, if there is too much price difference between the two products announcing the same rate of CBD, it is likely that the cheapest is a counterfeit.

Moreover, for legal reasons and to avoid undesirable psychoactive effects of drunkenness or excessive excitation, it is necessary that the THC level assigned to the oil is very largely less than 0.2%.

Finally, if you still doubt the quality of the product and the rates of CBD and THC listed on the label, just simply analyze yourself at home a test kit to buy in the laboratory, and you will see the CBD and THC levels of the product.

CBD Oil Dosage: How To Dose CBD Oil?

Precisely estimating the correct dosage of CBD is a delicate undertaking because it depends on the weight and pathology of each, CBD has the effect of restoring the balance of an internal system specific to each: the system endocannabinoid. Moreover, it is considered as a dietary supplement is not regulated by any official body, so there is no oil CBD single dosage.

Generally, it is advisable to administer 0.5 mg of CBD per Kg in three doses in the first phase of the treatment. Ideally, this starting dose will be gradually increased after a minimum of one week to evaluate the improvements of the product on the patient’s condition and to find the most appropriate dosage for the situation.

On average, the most effective treatment is about 50 mg maximum of CBD per day. Also, it may happen that we are not receptive to the therapeutic effects of CBD, too, beyond 150 mg daily CBD without improvement of the initial state, it is advisable not to bother and to give up treatment.

Finally, if consuming does not cause undesirable side effects, regardless of the dose ingested, it is strongly discouraged to absorb too much product in a single dose. In fact, not only would the effectiveness of CBD be impaired, but its biphasic properties would have effects contrary to those expected in case of excessive intake.

There is undoubtedly no lethal dose of CBD, but it is useless and unproductive to take large amounts of it in one fell swoop.

Using CBD Oil: How To Consume It?

CBD is in the form of drops, capsules or can be sprayed.

CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil in drops can be used in several ways: orally, locally or incorporated into preparations. Effectively dosing in its droplet for oral use requires knowing how many mg correspond to the drops of CBD oil. It depends on its concentration.

With Sublingual Method

The most effective method of use for consuming CBD oil is the sublingual application. It consists in depositing drops of the product under the tongue and swallowing. After ten seconds to promote its rapid action and assimilation. Sublingual absorption is particularly effective. However CBD oil does not have a pleasant taste, and everyone does not support its bitterness.

In The Oral Mode In Combination With Food Or Drink

If the unpleasant taste of CBD really displeases you too much. You can also mix the CBD oil with a drink, a yoghurt or drop the drops of product on a sugar to ingest them. It will make its absorption less unpleasant. But which will also delay its action and make its absorption into the body less effective. This mode of use is even less economical. Since you will need to consume a lot more CBD oil to achieve the results you would have benefited by absorbing this product via the sublingual application.

Topical Mode: Local Use In Massage

CBD can also be used locally in massage. Apply on tired muscles, sore spots around your body, on the hair by adding a few drops in shampoo or mask or directly on the skin. It can also be used for tired and irritated eyes or diluted in mouthwash to treat mouth ulcers, blisters or strengthen tooth enamel and gums.

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